Many times people will say, “It’s not the destination but the journey that is important.” This saying would definitely apply to what is now known as The Opened Book. When the business first started it was known as Tolivar’s Book Exchange. The store only focused on used books and used comic books. Deborah, the owner, was a postal worker at the time and probably would have stayed that way had it not been for her husband. After a push from a determined spouse Deborah started on her first steps to a destination that no one would have fathomed.

The store has also developed into more then just a place of business. It is a shelter. In a world where many individuals are closed minded, people can come to The Opened Book to become enlightened and to have their spirits lifted. Deborah and her employees all have stories of people coming in and starting a conversation with, “This may sound weird but…” And in the words of Deborah, most of the employees respond with, “Weird in here is a stretch.” We want people to come and feel comfortable in sharing ideas that seem strange to them. We want to provide a shelter to people who need a place to express themselves, allow them to seek their spiritual path, help guide them in their chosen path, and provide them with the books and materials they request.

This page could be more accurately entitled, “About You”. All of you who have set foot through our front door have blessed our lives and the life of the shop. And for that we thank you. Even those of you who are unknown to us, who will eventually bless our lives by entering our shop, we thank you as well. It does not take a genius to know that if it were not for those who have come, those who continue to come, and those who will eventually come, we would not be here at all.