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Essiac Tea in 1 Oz. Packet Makes One Quart Bottle of Essiac Tea

  • Look for the black Certified Organic Logo, Certified Organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International) San Diego. We are the manufacturer, buy direct from us.
  • Certified Organic Essiac Tea Powder. Most four herb formulas do not have the strength and lack the fast acting response to become very effective. Our 8 herb advanced formula is designed for its potency and long lasting results.
  • Our Organic Certification guarantees you will receive the highest standard of 8 herb Essiac Tea. We are certified by QAI ( a third party independent testing organization) that ensures our product is 100% safe for human consumption, as set forth by organic universally published safety standards.
  • You should always look for the black certified organic logo, when searching for Essiac Tea. Other products that are not organic, do not meet the organic safety standards and therefore may be unsafe to ingest.

I have used this product for over 20 years drinking an ounce every morning. Must admit it is an acquired taste but worth the effort.